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Dyslexiskolan helps children and adults with reading and writing disabilities through both private tutoring and counselling services. Our goal is to help those with disabilities to communicate better with friends, family, co-workers, teachers, and government agencies providing social services.

Children and adults with reading and writing disabilities are offered private tutoring by bi-lingual (English and Swedish) staff members who are experienced at teaching multiple disciplines to those with special needs. These disciplines include: Mathematics, English, History, and Social Studies.

The school aims to make learning enjoyable, rewarding and successful.

• The students receive individual tuition and work is structured for success.
• All lessons are geared towards the needs of the students so that problems such as shortterm memory, writing speed, reading difficulties, not-taking and organisation are addressed consistently and continuously.
• A variety of techniques and topics are used to maintain interest.
• The teacher listens to the student and encourages a discussion of his/her personal learning style.
• The school works to generate success and develop self-confidence in every student.
• Dyslexiskolan performs standardized tests and diagnoses.

Telephone: +468340525